Real moms. Real bodies. Real perspective.

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Love Your Body:

These posts are centered on a 12 step spiritual program that has helped thousands of individuals recover from unhealthy ways of thinking. If you are a woman who struggles with body image and self-worth, these posts can lift you up and inspire you to live more fully, more peaceably, more REAL.

Feed Your Body:

These posts are centered on a philosophy called Intuitive Eating. This is the philosophy that helped me to recover from an eating disorder ten years ago, and I still use the practical tools and tips today to stay on track living a healthy and balanced life. If you are looking for strategies you can actually implement to get out of the diet trap, the overeating cycle, or the abyss of food and body anxiety, these posts will give you action steps you can begin today to start changing your life.

Work Your Body:

These posts are generally video tutorials that demonstrate proper form and alignment on a variety of fitness equipment. The equipment I demo can be purchased through the Aerobics Products links on my site. Aerobicmom is about educating people to live their fullest life. While I don’t want to fuel unhealthy exercise obsessions, I definitely advocate active lifestyles and the exercises I show can help moms at home to maintain a fit and healthy body that will reward them with energy for years to come, no gym membership required.

Aerobics for Moms Blog

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As a fitness professional, a mother of 3 wild and crazy kids, a wife to 1 handsome dude, and a recovered anorexic, I am here to share hope, practical advice, and maybe even a few laughs with the thousands of women out there who struggle to maintain a sense of wellness in their life in the face of a toxic culture.

My mission is found in my tag line: Real moms. Real bodies. Real perspective.

Instead of inciting women to try anything to “change their body,” it is my hope to inspire women to embrace their bodies for what they CAN do, not what they can’t; for what they ARE, not what they aren’t. While I do believe passionately that everyone of us will live a happier, fuller life if we are consciously living healthfully, I never want any of us to waste another day living with anxiety over what we’re going to eat or if we’ve gained or lost a pound. Heaven help us if that’s our measure of success.

Real bodies are bodies that mean something. Real bodies have scars that remind us of our past. Have crow’s feet that remind us of our future. Have soft spots that remind us of what came from inside us. Have hard spots that remind us of all the work we put into them and all the strength that lies within. Real bodies are beautiful.